Wild Mile Chicago will be the first-ever mile-long floating eco-park in the world

Wild Mile Chicago will be a floating eco-park located on the North Branch Canal of the Chicago River, a manmade channel along the east side of Goose Island between Chicago Ave and North Ave. Wild Mile Chicago was first conceived as part of the North Branch Framework Plan. (Click here to download the North Branch Framework Plan PDF.)

Community Driven

The North Branch Framework, which was produced in partnership with the community and was approved by the Chicago Plan Commission in 2017, envisioned a 17-acre in-stream river park to be one of the defining public open spaces for the modernization of the North Branch Industrial Corridor. This idea, outlined over the course of many community meetings, builds on the vision of a renewed urban ecology for the city of Chicago and helps to generate cleaner, healthier water and more vibrant wildlife ecosystems.

Wild Mile Chicago Skyline.JPG

Framework Plan

Open for public comment from June 21 to July 19, 2019

Please look through and make comments via the form link below. We will be sure to respond to any questions in a timely manner.


The Vision

The City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development is working with a consultant team to prepare a framework plan for the North Branch Canal and Turning Basin (referred to as “Wild Mile Chicago”), which would define the vision and context for the design and implementation of this project. Reclamation of the North Branch Canal and Turning Basin presents the unique opportunity to gain access for public open space.

The Goal

The goal of the Wild Mile Chicago Framework Plan is to create a new environment for (1) habitat, (2) recreation, and (3) education. The community’s input and feedback is vital to creating new access to the river, educational and recreational opportunities, in addition to the implementation of ecology and habitat.

Get Involved!

Community Meeting #3 (April 25, 2019)

Thank you to everyone who attended the various Wild Mile Week events to help us celebrate Earth Day and this amazing opportunity on the Chicago River! We have uploaded a copy of the presentation shown at Community Meeting #3 at the bottom of the ‘Get Involved’ page.