Community Meetings

Thank you to everyone who attended the second Wild Mile community meeting on February 7, 2019. We have uploaded a copy of the presentation and design boards shown at the meeting at the bottom of this page under ‘Helpful Documents for the Community.’

Community Meeting #3: April 2019 (more details coming soon)


We Want to Hear From You

There will be many opportunities to get involved and provide feedback throughout the design process of Wild Mile Chicago. One of the best ways to share your feedback is to attend our community meetings. At the third and final community meeting in April 2019, the team will present updated design concepts for the Wild Mile based on community feedback. Please look through the Community Meeting #2 Presentation and Design Boards and let us know your thoughts. For the Design Boards, we would like to know: What do you like? What don’t you like? And what would you like to add that is missing?